Are you eligible to enter?
here are a few key points...

1. That your age falls into the correct age category: Age is as at January 1st of the competition year.

2. As an entrant you must have been with your studio for the 12 months prior to entering the TDC competition.

3. To enter The Dance Championship competitions, a performer must have competed in the intended genre in minimum of 2 competitions (in OPEN sections) throughout the calendar year. TDC is about perfecting and extending a genre performance.The dance performed must have been performed at one other comp through out the year.


4. Maximum age is 18 years of age or an enrolled High school student of the current year. TDC is not open to tertiary students.

5. You  must dance in the correct genre ie: Lyrical, Contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Commercial Jazz, Tap, Song & Tap

6. Choreography & costuming should be kept age appropriate & suitable for family entertainment for the protection of our child performers. TDC entrant MUST wear tights if the leg line is a leotard or a short leg costume.

7.  TDC does not restrict performers with tricks, but the acrobatic moves must enhance and melt though the performance.

8. Please make yourself familiar with all our guidelines.....